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A Note From Church of God General Overseer Bishop Tim Hill

"Please allow me to recommend to you and your church the music ministry of Jimmy and Jennifer Layne, also known as Back Home.  Their marvelous gift of songwriting combined with their most enjoyable and anointed singing ability provides for a wonderful experience in the presence of the Lord.

I have not often written letters of endorsement of this nature, but I have a tremendous confidence in Jimmy and Jennifer and the potential blessing they will be to you. Their music appeals to young and old alike as they intentionally present a balanced musical program for all ages to enjoy.

I have enjoyed writing songs with them as well as sharing in several of their services.  While I was World Missions Director, they were my invited guest for Leadership Summits and other special services and blessed our entire staff with their music.

After hosting Jimmy and Jennifer Layne for a concert service, you will look back over the event with fond remembrance and will be anxious to invite them again.

They have my full endorsement and recommendation. "

God bless,

Tim Hill

General Overseer Church of God


Bishop Tim Hill Book "Life In The Exit Row"


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Home Church of Back Home

 North Cleveland Church of God, Cleveland, TN







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  • Apr 9
    Danville - Central Blvd Church of God,  Danville
  • Apr 9
    Swansonville Pentecostal Holiness Church,  Dry Fork
  • Apr 23
    Clear Vision Church of God,  Cedar Bluff
  • Apr 30
    Westside Baptist Church,  Tuscumbia
  • Apr 30
    Colbert Heights Baptist Church,  Tuscumbia

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